Millennium 24/7 covers the full spectrum of temporary and permanent Social Care career opportunities. This includes jobs such as; live in-Care Workers, Au-Pairs, Support Workers, Domiciliary Care Workers, Team Leaders, Registered Nurses, Cleaners, Cooks, Clinical Nurses and Experienced Managers and more.

To ensure we are best-placed to identify jobs that closely match your specific skills, experience and long-term aspirations, all of our consultants are rigorously trained to guarantee an excellent grasp of the Social Care profession. Thus, you can be confident in their ability to identify to understand specifically what you are looking for and are able to expertly canvass the appropriate roles. Candidates are also able to promote their skills and abilities to clients ensuring the best outcome in securing the right role with the best remuneration possible.

Our client portfolio is diverse and consists of Hospitals, Residential Homes, Care Homes, Supported Living, Nurseries, Child Care, Cooks, Cleaners etc. We are a specialist agency working in the private, voluntary and independent Social Care Sector providing temporary and long term assignments.

Our specialist areas for supplying staff are those who are skilled professionals in;

Personalised care is at the heart of what we do. Many of the homes we work alongside deliver a comprehensive range of care under one roof such as working with children in care, adults with Physical or Learning Disabilities, Mental Health problems, addiction issues or other emotional or Social needs. We appreciate that no two residents are the same and to cater for your needs we have compassionate, experienced and fully trained carers and nurses who can ensure that each person receives care that’s tailored to their unique needs, personality and wishes. There are various residential care options available, depending on the individual needs.

Staff in the childcare sector consists of some of the most experienced consultants in the industry. Here at Millennium 24/7 we can guarantee that all our clients will be safe in the knowledge that you will be looked after by people who are fully trained and know exactly what they are doing. We can provide you with candidates to cover all household and childcare roles i.e. Nannies, Nursery staff, Child minders and more. Working in a nursery with groups of young children in a range of child care facilities is usually noisy, untidy and often boisterous. The most important qualities to work in a nursey environment are; a caring nature and a genuine interest in children and their development. There are many different roles which we offer within nurseries such as; nursery workers, children’s worker, Support workers for children with special educational needs (SEN worker), nursery assistants, nursery nurse, and many more roles within the Nursery environment. We have fully qualified and trained staff on all levels for jobs in nurseries.

Health & Social care workers play an important part in providing excellent patient care within hospitals and work alongside registered nurses. Our specialist range of staff include; Clinical support workers, Health care assistants, Social workers, nurses, clinical staff and other Social care related jobs.

We have qualified and experienced cleaners to work in all settings such as; Hospitals, Care Homes, Nurseries, Schools, Residential Homes etc. Our qualified cleaners will carry out various tasks such as; clean and supply designated facility areas (dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, mopping). Other responsibilities assemble carrying out routine checks such as inspections and maintenance activities which they will document.

We have experienced and qualified cooks to serve in all settings such as; Hospitals, Care Homes, Nurseries, Schools, Residential Homes etc. Cooks will be responsible for preparing meals and the daily menu. They will respond to any dietary requirements for those residing in the homes, hospitals etc.… Our experienced cooks will also manage kitchen supplied and will be responsible for checking and maintaining kitchen equipment, where applicable.

List of staffing roles that we provide:

Health Care Assistants/Support Workers

Work within hospital or community settings under the guidance of a qualified healthcare professional

Live-in, Au-Pairs and Residential Workers

A domestic assistant working & living with a family taking on household chores and responsibilities

Deputy and Home Registered Managers

Support the Registered Manager in all aspects of the day-to-day running of the Care Home

Receptionist and Administrators

Meeting and greeting clients, answering and forwarding phone calls, filing, records keeping, data entry and performing a variety of other office tasks

Nurses and Clinical Staff

Focuses on the care of individuals, families, and communities to attain, maintain, or recover optimal health and quality of life & carry out clinical nursing procedures

Team Leaders

Provide guidance, instruction, direction and leadership to a team for the purpose of achieving a goal

Child Carers

Looking after children, either as a paid worker or as a parent


Persons employed to clean the interior of a building/care home & is required to maintain the highest levels of cleanliness


To plan, prepare and provide nutritious meals to all residents on a daily basis. Ensure all health and safety and environmental health standards are achieved and maintained

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